Many people mistakenly believe that custom fitting is only appropriate for highly skilled golfers.


In fact, just the opposite is true.

Why Should I get a Fitting?

According to Tom Wishon (see video below) golfers with a handicap between 12 to 26 are likely to get the most out of a professional fitting session. The reason for this is simple. Highly skilled golfers can generally hit any club that I put in their hands. They have such fine hand and eye coordination that they can adjust their swing to hit most any club. We mere mortals in that 12 to 26 and higher handicap range struggle to overcome the swing faults created by improperly fitted clubs and our scores suffer greatly as a result.


Have you ever shot a 100 on the golf course or even a 90, and then said it should have been a 94 or an 84, because you can remember each of the mis-hits that cost you those 6 strokes? The purpose of custom fitting is to reduce those errors that were caused by improper club length, swing weight, overall weight, shaft bend profile, torque, etc. Confidence that your club specifications are not producing costly errors can help you find more enjoyment on the course and lower you handicap to the lowest level allowed by your current skill. And, your skill level may well improve through the use of properly fitted clubs.


With properly fitted clubs you should be able to hit one or two more fairways, hit approach shots with a fairway wood, hybrid or iron that you have absolute confidence in, pick your irons clean instead of thinning them or taking a two pound divot, chip or pitch it closer and avoid a couple 3 putts, and when the round is over you will have taken those six strokes off of your score.


Take the time to look at the attached videos of Tom Wishon the leading club designer in the world today in my opinion, as he discusses many of the myths of golf and the value of custom fitting.