Many people mistakenly believe that custom fitting is only appropriate for highly skilled golfers.


In fact, just the opposite is true.

Custom Building Process

I only use club head components from the leading designers in the business who use the same foundries as the major golf club companies, sometimes called original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).  OEM's design the clubhead and send it to a foundry to be manufactured exactly as does the component clubhead designer. Typically, the component designers require the foundries to use tighter specifications than do the OEM’s because professional clubfitters will reject club heads that do not meet proper specs. I frequently find clubheads that miss the loft and lie specs by as much as 4 degrees. That means your 10* driver could really be 6* or 14*!  Shafts and grips come from the leading companies in the world as well as some small boutique shaft manufacturers who make some of the best shafts in the world but are not well known.


I do not use “clones", clubs that are made to look like OEM clubs with similar names and are generally made with inferior steel. Many clubs purchased on the internet have also proven to be forgeries even though difficult to tell them from the originals.


Your clubs will be built to exacting standards based on the target specs developed during the fitting. Club head specs will be checked before assembly, shafts will have the proper weight and bend profile and be spine oriented for best performance, swingweight or MOI will be precisely set, length of each club will be accurate, etc.

After your clubs are finished and you have tested them on the range and with a couple of rounds of golf, we will review their performance and make any adjustments that are necessary. This is typically when we may make lie adjustments if you note any left or right of target tendencies with the short irons. Wedge bounce and loft may also be revisited here based on results.