Many people mistakenly believe that custom fitting is only appropriate for highly skilled golfers.


In fact, just the opposite is true.

"Fish Where the Fish Are"


Dave Pelz - Pelz Golf School

A typical amateur who shoots 90, needs 57 shots to get to the green according to Dave Pelz. Of those 57 shots, 23 are wedge shots, plus 33 putts. Of those 23 wedge shots, only 3 of them get close enough to the pin to one-putt.


Pelz has concluded that 60 to 65 percent of all shots occur within 100 yards of the hole, and that 80% of strokes lost to par take place from within that same distance.


For the 90 scoring amateur above, over 73% of his shots are with wedges and the putter. Therefore, the higher your handicap, the more important the short game, the more imperative that your wedges and putter fit you, and are of the proper design for the type of course you play.


It should be obvious that practicing with these clubs is far more important to shooting low scores than with any other club.

  • Virtually all putters sold at golf stores, are in my experience too long, too light, and equipped with grips that are too small for the vast majority of golfers.
  • As a mid-high handicapper, you will be using one or more of your wedges at least once on virtually every hole.
  • Getting properly fitted for putters and wedges will drastically improve your game and your score.  The data above proves it.
  • Getting a wedge or putter fitted is very affordable, with a flat rate of $50.