Many people mistakenly believe that custom fitting is only appropriate for highly skilled golfers.


In fact, just the opposite is true.

What's Involved?

Although everyone needs to be fit, not everyone needs the same level of fitting. Your skill level and how closely your existing clubs are fit to your size, strength, athletic ability, and swing characteristics determines the level of fitting appropriate for you.


Bronze:  If you are a beginner or high handicapper who has never been fitted for clubs, instant improvement in ball striking and consistency is available just by determining the proper length, swing weight, and shaft flex appropriate for your size, strength, athletic ability, and swing characteristics. With this information your existing clubs can be evaluated for retrofitting and specs for new clubs can be developed. This can be done during a one hour fitting session in which your swing speed, athletic ability, and swing characteristics are measured and observed. A launch monitor is not used. The cost for this fitting is $75 for a session not to exceed one hour.


Silver:  This level of fitting includes the measurement of your existing clubs, launch monitor testing of your existing clubs and test clubs (driver and 6 iron), determining optimum swing weight, length, flex, torque, etc. Slow motion video is used to analyze backswing length, downswing transition, swing plane, tempo and wrist cock release, all of which determines optimum shaft characteristics. This data is used to make recommendations for club head style and specs, shaft and grip selection, and appropriate set makeup. Depending on the golfer’s desires, detailed fairway wood, hybrid, wedge and putter fitting can be included in the session. All recommendations will be written and include selected printouts of launch monitor data. This level of fitting usually takes a minimum of three hours and the non-refundable charge is $240. Any time over 3 hours spent on additional testing is charged at $75/hour.


Gold: Everything above in Bronze and Silver fittings,  plus special emphasis on wedge fitting to specific playing conditions, optimizing certain clubs for rollout, more in depth putter testing, etc. It may include observing an actual round of golf for a number of holes. The cost of this style of fitting is based on time spent and will be negotiated on a case by case basis.