About Charlie Sampson

I take great pride in custom fitting and building the highest quality golf clubs using the finest components available. Custom fitted and built golf clubs may be the single best thing that you ever do for the improvement of your golf game. Helping you find that improvement and enjoyment is my sole reason for being in business.

I am truly passionate about the art and science of golf club fitting and building. I am now in my fourteenth year of fitting and building custom golf clubs and I continue to get a thrill of satisfaction when I am able to help someone improve their enjoyment of the game and the lowering of their handicap. I love it when someone finds new confidence in their game using the custom fitted clubs I built expressly for them!

I have successfully analyzed and fitted men, women and children from ages 6 to 86, with swing speeds from 40 mph to 121 mph, and handicaps from over 40 to -3.5. This includes a current member of the LPGA Symetra Tour and several men trying to Monday qualify for the WEB.com. Every one of them was different and each of them, regardless of skill level or athletic ability, got my full time and attention until together we achieved their fitting goals. There really is no such thing as men’s, women’s or children’s clubs in professional club fitting. What determines proper club specifications is a golfer’s physical size, strength, athletic ability, skill and swing characteristics. Each person I fit is approached with that in mind, plus the specific goals they ask me to try to attain for their game.

I am a member of the three leading club fitting professional associations in the country and have been tested and certified.


The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals has tested and certified me at Level 10, the level just below the highest level of Master of Golf Clubfitting Technology.


The Golf Clubmaker's Association has certified me a Master Craftsman, their highest certification.


The International Clubmaker's Guild, member.


I am also a Don Trahan Peak Performance Golf Swing Certified Fitter and Certified Instructor.


I have attended numerous schools, seminars and workshops to gain and maintain certification at the highest levels of each of the organizations so that I can keep abreast of the latest technology changes in golf equipment and USGA equipment rules. Annual seminars, roundtables, workshops and membership in the leading professional clubfitting associations, enable me to stay on the cutting edge of custom clubfitting and give you the best outcome possible when you invest in a new set of clubs.


I look forward to meeting you and helping you get the most out of your golfing ability. Come see me for a fitting and hit’em “dead solid perfect” every time.


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