Charlie Sampson is proud to be tested and certified by the following organizations.


Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

Certified Level 10 Clubfitter

AGCP members are tested and Qualified for listing on the AGCP web site using the following Levels of Qualifications.

Member of AGCP and has achieved Certification thru PCS GCA or ICG testing, andhas been building andfitting clubs for 5 or more years and attended a school, Certification class, or seminars by the AGCP or one of the equipment or component manufacturers.
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Golf Clubmaker's Association

Master Craftsman

The Golf Clubmaker Association (GCA), directed and managed by Golfsmith International, Inc., is  the largest organization of independent golf clubmakers in the world.  Founded in 1980, the GCA presently has a total membership of 21,000 clubmakers worldwide. 

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Peak Performance Golf Swing

Certified Clubfitter

The Peak Performance Golf Swing was developed by Don Trahan, The Swing Surgeon, to take advantage of the natural movements of the body to execute a consistent golf swing.

It is based on science: the physics of the ball and club, and the physiology of the body. A proper setup puts your body into a natural position to execute a golf swing. You cannot make your body move in a way that is contrary to nature, and when you try, that is how you injure yourself and create truly ugly golf shots.

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Tom Wishon Golf Technology

MOI Certified Clubfitter

The MOI of any object is a measurement of its resistance to being put in motion around a defined axis of rotation. Related to golf clubs, if each club in a set requires a different amount of force to swing the club (swinging the club to rotate around our body), the golfer cannot be as consistent swinging each different club in the set.

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Swing Surgeon Golf Swing

Certified Clubfitter & Instructor

Don Trahan is one of the most respected teachers in the game of golf in the United States of America and around the world.

Golf industry experts, Tour players and fellow professionals consider him one of the most knowledgeable students of the golf swing. They gave him his nickname, "The Swing Surgeon," because it is said that Trahan can take apart a golf swing and put it back together without leaving any scars.

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International Clubmakers Guild


The International Clubmakers Guild had it's genesis in the early Summer of 2008. It was born as an idea from several former members of a defunct society who wanted to build  a new, leaner, more flexible organization to serve the needs of the golf equipment industry worldwide.

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