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I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie by fortuitous coincidence. As a self-professed golf nut and an equipment junkie, I realized the reason I was buying new clubs all the time was because I wanted clubs that fit me. I had been fit for clubs both irons and drivers, exotic shafts, grips everything out in the market. Per chance at the Wal-Mart of Golf (Golf Galaxy) I met a golf club builder who piqued my interest about custom fit golf clubs and the AGCP.


Charlie is a level 10 club builder. As a skeptic with hours of online reading behind me I was very circumspect about the whole process. After an hour on the range with Charlie, he fixed a 7 iron and my name brand driver (I had been fit for the driver at the golf store). I shot an 82 and a 79 in consecutive rounds without ever practicing with the driver. Now that may sound like a stretch but I am not only a believer but an advocate of the fitting process.Charlie as an individual is very vested in the customer and is very patient, he takes great pride in his work.


I felt like a tour pro with the attention to detail and the amount of interest he took in my game. He genuinely loves the sport and takes great joy in improving someone’s game.

Thanks Charlie, thank you so very much.

-Solomon Francis

Richmond, VA


My last three scores with the new clubs were 79, 78 & 74. Thanks for making golf fun again! Yesterday had my first hole in one - 4 wood 168 yards.

The new sand wedge should be in everyone's bag - I have holed out twice already and have had a lot of sandies - effortless with this great club (what is the bounce?) The driver is definitely longer and people are amazed on how straight the ball goes hole after hole. I also use the Medicus hinged club to get in better position and I do keep my head up as you suggested.


The other key to "our" success here is daily exercises including side planks - my daughter taught me these - to increase flexibility and power.


Thanks for your help in making 2016 a truly memorable golf year already.

-Tom Clairmont

Portsmouth, NH

I shaved 6 strokes off my 1st round and 10 on the next!

-Mark, Fort Myers, FL



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Al, Fort Myers, FL

"The putter you fit me for resulted in 4 birdies. Shot a 75, WOW!!!!!!!"

Ed, Nokomis, FL

"First tee, 215 yards down the middle. No bad drives all day..."

Cecelia, Apollo Beach, FL

"I liked my putter before, I now love my putter. I don't know what you did, but you are the best!..."

Cindy, Venice, FL

"I couldn’t believe it – no more rights!  Every shot went straight or a little to the left…"

Adam, Arlington, VA

"Your careful analysis, insightful observations and comments will give me the added building blocks in helping to improve my quest in being a better golfer..."

Mike, Highland Springs, FL

"Watching videos and reading the manuals is one thing but having some confirmation that you’ve actually grasped what’s being taught is a great help..."

Rick, Port Charlotte, FL

"My handicap index has now declined to 7.8 from 9.3 and I have achieved this improvement on a more difficult set of tees..."

Ethan, Indianapolis, IN

"Nine fairways, ten greens, no big misses, no traps, shot my age in four delightful hours..."

Matt, Lithia, FL

"Trust me when I tell you this, I have access to the best Big OEM equipment money can buy and I would play a custom fit Tom Wishon or Miura any day of the week...."

Bob, Charlottsville, VA

"I have such confidence that the club will perform and that it is fitted to my swing that my mental approach to hitting any shot is one of confidence rather than doubt..."