Charlie, …I have played just twice with the new clubs, because we have had company. The first time nothing spectacular. After a few practice sessions and working on keeping my head still and pre-loading on the right side, I shot a 36 for nine holes. Rained out. Two birdies, two bogeys and five pars. Seems like I hit the driver in the sweet spot every time.


Only hit two iron shots not in the sweet spot. It is like I never ‘feel’ the ball. I believe when we talked, I told you I lost distance with the irons especially. Distance is back for the most part. I believe the difference is the correct lofts you used. It is no problem as I just grab a longer stick. The ball explodes off the 4-wood.


I have generally been hitting the ball better and better. Seems I hit the ball in the sweet spot more than ever. My chipping has improved also with the instruction that you gave me.


Yesterday, I hit 11 of 14 fairways and the misses were just off the short grass. Eleven greens in regulation and chipped closely enough to save par twice. The putter you fit me for resulted in 4 birdies. Shot a 75, WOW!!!!!!!


I am not boasting but want you to know how well you fit my clubs for me and how wonderful the results have been.

Thanks for your expertise.

Al T.

Fort Myers, FL