Since I began practicing and playing with your clubs in March, my handicap index has now declined to 7.8 from 9.3 and I have achieved this improvement on a more difficult set of tees at my club than I used to play before the club fitting.


Although most people want to look at your driver and the fairway metals, the main reason for my improvement results from the two wedges and the putter that you built for me.  It is now common for me to record 29-30 putts per round.  The shorter, heavier putter helps me roll the ball better with good distance control on various putting surfaces.


Most importantly, the two new wedges are versatile tools that enable me to attack the pin on long par 5’s, chip and pitch consistently from various conditions, and hit every bunker shots with confidence regardless of the distance of the condition of the sand.  The wedges and the putter save me 2-6 shots in every round.


Most importantly, you stand by your workmanship and you worked with me to tweak the clubs after you built them.  I believe that every golfer could benefit from your expertise.  That’s why I recommend you to everyone who asks about my clubs.  Thanks for helping me improve my golf game.


Rick N.

Port Charlotte, FL