Hi Charlie,


First let me start by saying thank you for everything that you have done for me.  There is a litany of things I could list ranging from accommodating my fitting early, helping me out with the price of the irons, giving me a world class fit and service, staying on top of Miura to get the irons, etc...


I knew from the first minute I met you that I would get along well with you. It was pure chance that I googled searched miura fitters near me, and found you; but I'm sure glad that our paths crossed.  You are just the finest of gentleman and I hold you in the highest regard.


I played this weekend and shot 76 - 75.  For the most part I am hitting the irons very well, obviously there is an adjustment period anytime you change equipment. Under game conditions I am flying the 6 iron closer to 185, which was still a terrific improvement over my AP2's.  If I really jump on it, there is no question I can hit my 6 iron 190; but for the sake of scoring well I do not do that. The C-Taper shaft is just flat amazing, I still can’t believe how good the dispersion is.  I am starting to hit more greens than ever before, so I am very optimistic about playing well in some tournaments this year.


Overall I couldn't be happier.  The feel of the Miura head coupled with the C-tapers is just a terrific combination for me.  I can tell you confidently that after having spent time with you, I will never play Big OEM Clubs again. Why play off the rack, when you can play custom fit for the same price or less?   (Excpet Miura of course) Trust me when I tell you this, I have access to the best Big OEM equipment money can buy and I would play a custom fit Tom Wishon or Miura any day of the week.


You opened my eyes to how important a proper fit is, and I am so grateful for that.  I was really struggling with my game playing equipment that didn't work for me, and getting a custom fit set of irons has totally transformed my mindset and my game.



Matt J.

Lithia, FL